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Diving and Snorkeling

Koh Tao is home to an incredible array of marine creatures, so be sure to try one of these activities during your stay with us. Join a course and earn a life changing certification in scuba diving, test your limits by taking a course in freediving, or take a relaxing afternoon snorkeling around one of our many beautiful bays.

Koh Tao is home to an incredible array of marine creatures, so be sure to try one of these activities during your stay with us. Whether you decide to take a course and earn a life changing certification in scuba diving, test your limits by taking a course in freediving, or take a relaxing afternoon snorkeling around one of our many beautiful bays, our staff will be happy to ensure your desires are satisfactorily met.

Diving, Freediving and Snorkeling

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SCUBA Diving

Koh Tao is the world’s most popular diving destination. With it’s 28 degrees C, crystal clear waters and abundance of tropical marine life, it’s easy to see why so many flock to get beneath the water here. 

For Beginners

Try Scuba Dive

This is a great option for those that are short on time and just want to get a taste of the underwater world. It can be completed in an afternoon and consists of an academic session to ensure your safety then a shallow dive up to a depth of 12 meters. Your instructor will remain in contact with you for the whole experience. 

Open Water Diver

This course will allow you to dive to a depth of 18 meters anywhere in the world for life. If you have ever dreamed about becoming a SCUBA diver, Koh Tao is the perfect place to make that a reality. Not only because of the wonderfully experienced instructors, excellent safety standards and fish filled waters, but conditions here are very easy to learn in. There are very few currents and low to no swell, which means you can just concentrate on becoming the best diver you can be. This course lasts for 3 and a half days. This is one of the cheapest places in the world to get your certification.


For Certified Divers

Refresher dive

If you have not been diving in over a year and have fewer than 50 dives, you may be required to complete a refresher dive with a dive master before getting back under the waves. This is a simple afternoon consisting of a short academic presentation, some skills and two fun dives. This is designed to recall any facets of your diving you may have forgotten on your hiatus from the sport. You’ll be amazed by how much you remember once you finally get back in the water.

Fun Diving

Koh Tao isn’t just for courses, we also boast some of the best diving in South East Asia. We have an array of options to make the most out of your dive experience . You may elect a nice relaxing shallow dive amongst the coral bloom at the famous Japanese Gardens, dive into history around the WW2 US naval wreck, the HTMS Sattakut, or hunt for the majestic whale shark at Chumphon Pinnacle. Whatever your experience level, your desires will be catered for. 

Further Education

Why not spend a couple of days learning more about the sport and take something away from your time here by taking the next course on your diving career? If you are currently an Open Water diver, the next course is the Advanced Adventurer or Advanced Open Water Diver. This consists of 5 dives and can be completed in just one and a half days. Once completed, this course will teach you more about buoyancy control and navigation and allow you dive at night, around wrecks and to a maximum depth of 30 meters.

Full Day Trips

One of the benefits of diving Koh Tao is all of our wonderful dive sites are no more than 45 minutes away from port. However, one dive site lies between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, a couple of hours from Koh Tao. This is Sail Rock. To make that journey, it must be worth the extra time. Sail Rock is by far the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. With three ocean currents converging around one tiny island, this site boasts many large pelagic species of fish, resulting in massive schools of barracuda, trevally and sometimes one or two whale sharks. It is also home to the chimney, a wonderful swim through for the more adventurous diver. Although most schools only make the trip once a week, there are very few days in which no one is making the journey out to this world class site. 

Koh Tao is home to over 70 dive schools with all languages, budgets and desires catrered for. This many options can be overwhelming, so we have provided a short list of recommended dive schools below.

Roctopus Dive 

Currently in it’s 6th year of operation, Roctopus has grown into one of the most successful dive schools on the island. It features a fun and friendly environment, well maintained, high quality equipment and extremely high safety standards. The staff are hand picked with an emphasis on safety, knowledge, experience and enjoyment.

Although diving standards allow for 8 students to one instructor, Roctopus have a strict 4 students to one instructor ratio, ensuring their customers get the most out of their diving education. It is also one of the most cost effective diving operations, but they have in no way sacrificed quality. 

Roctopus can arrange part of the course in the villa and will offer free pick up/drop off when you book a course with them.

Master Divers 

One of the oldest dive operators on the island, Master Divers has made a name for itself with consistent quality and attention to detail. Catering for the more exclusive market, it offers a selection of VIP courses to get you more one on one attention from your instructor.

They have many multi-lingual staff members and can flexibly cater your course to suit your needs and desires.

Jamahkiri Divers 

Koh Tao’s most exclusive diving experience. Jamahkiri is a more upmarket academy. The only dive school on Koh Tao to feature Apeks balanced regulators as standard rental equipment and taking a maximum of two students to one instructor. The diving school is within 5 minutes walking distance.


An exhillirating alternative to SCUBA diving, freediving is also known as 'breath hold' diving, with a range of courses from beginner to pro available. After your course you will be able to safely reach incredible depths on just one breath. Although many SCUBA schools include a freediving department, we recommend Koh Tao’s premier dedicated freediving acadamy, Apnea Total. They have a range of courses to choose from, depending on your available time and skill level.


This introductory course can be completed in just two days and will have you reaching depths of 20 meters. It includes academics, breathing exercises and plenty of time beneath the water.

Advanced Freediver

For those wanting to experience more of the sport, this course can be completed by those completely new to freediving. With a duration of 3 days, you will be able to reach 30 meters of depth with breath holds of 3 minutes or more. You will learn advanced breathing and relaxation techniques with your instructor by your side for the entire duration to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety.

Master Freediver

For those who already have experience with freediving and would prefer an extended stay on the Island, this course covers four weeks of intensive training and is the first step to becoming a freediving pro. You will reach depths of 50 meters on a single breath and master your control over breathing and relaxation techniques. If you do not have enough time, some alternatives can be made to shorten the duration of the course. 

If you would just prefer a relaxing afternoon viewing the underwater world from the surface, we can arrange many different options for you to experience our beautiful coral reefs and tropical marine life. Villa Sabai Jai is located directly next to two exquisite snorkelling sites, Tian Og and Sai Daeng. You can regularly encounter large sea turtles and placid black tip reef sharks, as well as an array of brightly coloured hard and soft coral and small tropical fish on your expedition.

If you wish to experience more of the island’s snorkeling, we can arrange speedboat and longtail boats to charter you around the island, where you can discover hidden gems and other species of marine life.


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